July 15, 2010

Purge the Spurge and "Re-zest" the Nest!

I've been needing to purge and re-zest the nest for quite awhile. I am not finished and if I ever do finish it will be time to begin again!
Zoanna seemed to be in the same frame of mind and issued an encouraging invitation, to begin with a goal in mind.
I appreciated the challenge and encouragement!
I got some things done and it was fun!
I decided to collage the photos which may have a messy look. Maybe you can see some progress? It's a neater nest here for awhile!

"Purge the Spurge"
You may see how the spurge was beginning to encroach into the roses? I sort of like the ferny airiness of this spurge ground cover, but after hearing how my friend Nancy worked to purge the spurge from a garden where the spurge had taken over, I decided to "take dominion" before the spurge could. 

"Desk Mess Dispelled"
Saying, "Just put it on my desk." enough times makes for a desk mess!
(The first photo is all about fuel to get the job done!)

Some before and after snapshots mostly from the bathroom.
The first photo is all about the fuel again!

These books have a home on the floor beside the bed. We have shelves for the books in the office area, but the books get read in bed, so I decided that it might be helpful to get shelves where we need them and keep the books where they are most at home! By and by, Lord willing, I'll show shelves in an upcoming post.
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Olivia Arlene said...

Good job mom! I hope you beat the heat and didn't get eaten by mosquitoes while you were outside!

I'm all about the fuel, but sometimes the job still doesn't get done :-(

zz said...

Wow, Laurie. You've made a lot of changes in a short time from the looks of it. So many little areas, too--garden, desk, laundry room--wow. I love the desk area ! Thanks for joining in the purge and rezest:) fun.
Your word verification is "volla." Looks a lot like "Voila!"

TAB said...

Nice work, Mom! Woot! Hollah!
Cool mehoff, fuel mehoff!