July 24, 2010

The Lake, My Lake

This is the road that Mike and I took to get to the lake on our leisurly drive a few days ago. When I was a young girl, my family took this road every weekend possible to play at the lake.
We began by camping in tents near shore and later bought a tiny cabin with no running water or plumbing. Wasps ruled the outhouse. Heat took over most days and was relentless most nights. But when the sun was high on those summer days and the wind was still, I loved the lake, my lake.
Running barefoot
Exploring the beaches
Submerging for the highest count
Swimming to exhaustion

Learning to ski by taking off from Dad's arms with my knees tucked into my chest until the pull of the boat pulled me upright and I was off! Ahhhhh! I'm skiing! Hold on! I'm skiing! I'm SKIING!!! Jump some waves! Hold on! WooHoo!! Enjoy the view!

Boat Docks

 Clever Cabin
All those times at the lake and I hadn't remembered it.
A line of mailboxes in our cabin community
A post and Sumac
When I was a young girl, Kanopolis Lake seemed like my lake. It wasn't mine, but it welcomed me and surrounded me and in some way it knew me then. It refreshed and generously offered a place to play and dream and climb and run and swim and a place to Discover.
It was a secret finder and a secret keeper. It was creation showing attributes of a God Who called me to Himself long before I acknowledged Him. My memories crept up softly and boldly when Mike and I drove around. I desired to conclude some thoughts, not for closure's sake, but for a deeper understaning of childhood. The lake gives and asks nothing back, but the giving is in gentle waves. Gentle and consistent. And as quickly as the waves wash the shore, they recede and take back their secrets.
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TAB said...

great photos and memories!!

tsbjf said...

Cool post! What a neat place to have so many childhood memories at.

Olivia Arlene said...

I really enjoyed this post and the pictures. Thank you for sharing your memories. I'm sure Grandad and Grandma will really appreciate this post too. Makes me want to go to the lake again though...

Anonymous said...

This really made us teary-eyed. We really appreciate the memories. If only we could go back,but guess everyone has those thoughts now and then. We are so thankful for you and your love and caring ways. We love youso much. Love, Dad and Mom

Laurie said...

Mom and Dad-
Teary-eyed is the way I was for some of our drive... Teary-eyed and also full of hope.
Love ya!

Zoanna said...

I have fond memories of Kanopolis Lake,though I was only there a couple of times.

Guess what? ?? I am making plans to come to Kansas at the end of August!!! I want to meet you in person. Not sure the exact dates yet. Barb has to check the work calendar today. But Paul is graciously going to use some of his vacation time to stay home with Joel (and, I'm sure, do a project).

Hope you and I can meet and maybe play a wordy board game!

Laurie said...

Zoanna! It would be a delight to meet you in Kansas!

Zoanna said...

Tentatively b/t Aug 31 and Sep 7, w/ the chance of it being more mid-Sept b/c of a Mercy Me concert and the State Fair. Those woudln't kill me to miss. I mainly want to be with PEOPLE.