July 28, 2010

Here's the Thing: Wheelchair Shopping

I've been checking out some chairs (What do you do on youtube?) and I ran into this video. Frustrating? Inspiring? I think it's both.

 "Givin up food for funk"


zz said...

I'm sorry you are having to shop for a wheelchair, Laurie. The very concept smacks of "life in this fallen world". As for the video, I was both frustrated for him and inspired by him. I have no right to complain of having to grocery shop "the normal way" . Very timely today. I was amazed that the guy didn't drop anything ,that he could handle the case of Coke so well, that he clearly had packing down to a science of cubic inches, and that he is so organized with keys, wallet, and such. I do wonder how often he wanted help but didnt' ask, or if people who want their independence feel belittled by ppl offering help?

Laurie said...

Zoanna- I don't know if most folks feel belittled. Independence is certainly applauded in the USA, yet, so are many "rights"! I'd think there are times that a person needs help whether he wants it or not! It's not really a very handicap accessible world! I suppose unless you have a reason to think about wheels, momentum, movement, space etc., you don't think in those terms. I had never really given it much thought.
Yes. The guy is inspiring! When he got home he still had to put things away or prepare stuff to eat etc. etc. etc.! Thanks for commenting. You know I'm a bit shy about MS, and often I try to shrug it away, but reality "smacks" sometimes and I'm "smack dab" in the middle of it! Blessings to you, my friend!

TAB said...

Can a daughter be proud of her mom?
Well, I am! Its a truly big thing to be looking into the whole "wheelchair thing" and I know that it's tough for you.
I was frustrated for him too. GRRRRR! But, yes, inspiring it is. Wow, and in the dead of Winter too. BRrrrrr. Wonder if that's why he was wearing gloves the whole time?

Laurie said...

Thanks for being proud. ;)
You have been and are an encouragement and I thank you.
It has been a delight to be able to process with you. I love you!

I think he may be wearing the gloves also for grip and callous protection??

Zoanna said...

Laurie, I was kind of hoping the video would have followed him home to do the unpacking and the dinner prep.

I usually offer to help women, but seldom men. Maybe I should? I just don't want to add insult to injury, and the pride of a man is so much more tender than a woman's, I think, don't you? Maybe not?

Laurie said...

Zoanna- I'm sure I've considered "pride gender"!
Yet now I'm thinking that
"Pride is pride...
And pride is tender
No matter which sex
No matter which gender."
Maybe not? I can't conclude.
In a case of helping a man or adding insult to injury, I suppose if a man (or woman) needs help and we're in a position to offer, we can't be too concerned with how the offer or help is received!

Olivia Arlene said...

Wow, I finally got around to watching this! The kids watched it with me and thought the music was cool. Sean felt so bad for the guy! I did too, but yet I was impressed! It made me very tired though. It looked like it was cold outside, so just the thought of having to get bundled up to go do something so frustrating would make me want to say forget it!

I agree with zz, he had it down to a science and he was organized! I guess he has to be to make it more smooth.

I also was curious how he gets home and unloads everything too. It always seems like such a huge process for me to go shopping with my kids and by the time we get home and pull into the drive I would rather just sit in the van for a while than have to get out and unload everything! I guess I shouldn't complain when I have a fully functioning body.