July 18, 2010

Looking back

These photos help, but just a bit, with the homesickness I feel when we're too many states away.
Photos from when Tab and the family came for a visit in April which seems like forever ago.

Tab in the kitchen!
Good food and good fun!

The Papa, James

Henry making ready for the aim with Grandad's caulking gun!

Marcail Lynne

Nay Nay baby

I'm looking back and remembering good times.
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Chris said...

It's fun watching them work on their projects!

Zoanna said...

Aww. What cuties. The time must fly by while they're visiting. I do not even want to think about maybe living far from my kids and grandkids when the day comes that I'm a grandmom.

The glasses are adorable on her .

Laurie said...

Zoanna, I probably mentioned my idea of having your son or daughter sign a "10 Mile Contract"?
The agreement that 10 miles is the greatest distance apart allowable when they grow up and move away. I suppose there should also be a least distance between, say 3 miles at least and 10 miles at most! It doesn't work that way, I realize and I certainbly do not want to get in the way of "leaving and cleaving"!

TAB said...

Love the photos! I am also chuckling about the good times story!! LOL
We miss you too, soooooooooooooo much!

tsbjf said...

10 Mile Contract, interesting concept there :) . Good pictures! I know it must be so hard not being able to see them in all of their stages of growing up. Seems like kids are forever changing! Definitely makes the times together be appreciated that much more.