July 30, 2010

Stuffies and Crayons

Liv and the kids came over.
At one point Sean and Eleanor pulled all the dolls and stuffies out and piled them on the divan.
The giant George had been in the storage room, but when Sean asked if I could get "The Big Huge George" I dragged it out and Sean was thrilled!

 At Sean's request, Christine made an outline of a truck and a bird so he could color them.
At Eleanor's request, I made a bird for her to color. I'd show it except after I made the bird, she looked at me funny, but sweetly and said,
"Not like that. (Silly Grammy!) Like Christine's!" And then she colored black over it! There's nothing like confirmation of what I've known since 1st grade. "I can't draw."  So she made her own cool pictures.

Chloe actually had an extended fun time of coloring without eating or spilling the crayons!
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Zoanna said...

Delightful. Oh, how humbling when a child disapproves of our art:). Been there.

Olivia Arlene said...

Fun day! Thanks for letting us come over :-) Don't take Eleanor's criticism too personally ;-) The kids have asked about that giant George several times, but I didn't know if you still had him!

TAB said...

Poor Grammy! Your grand-cuties are truly your worst/best critic! LOL!
Looks like a fun day.

Chrisw said...

Be sure to save plenty of those precious masterpieces. It will be so fun to relive those memories with them at different times in the years to come :-)