June 20, 2011

Volvo, Midsummer's, Harvest, Hail

Some members of he Volvo Club of America were in Lindsborg in conjunction with Midsummer's Day Festival. It wasn't  surprising to have temperatures close to 100 degrees. We took an evening drive and were pleased to see this blue Volvo on Coronado Heights.

 In Lindsborg, Volvos began arriving from all directions to  meet and show. The weather swiftly took a change from rain to thunderstorms and hail. Mike is holding two pieces of hail:

 Farm vehicles and implements are on the roads. Harvest Time driving norms are being observed. Notice:

The Rumble Charge Yellow Truck passed us so he could pass the Gentleman Green Machine. 

Beautiful Golden Wheat 

John Deere Reaping a harvest

"The earth has yielded to us its produce. God, our God blesses us. 
God blesses us! Let the people praise Thee, O God!"

Clouds Closer:


TAB said...

That first picture is awesome! I truly adore it!
The field pictures are close to my heart. I love them. I miss my Kansas.

Laurie said...

Your Kans(ans) miss you too!

Olivia said...

Awesome pictures! Oh how I love Kansas!