June 7, 2011

Speaker Wires, Crayons ...

Speaker Wires, Crayons, 
Sean and "Where's Waldo?",  
Sean and George, 
El's Shoes, 
Crayon Levitation,  
Ellie's "Yellowface Orangebody Bunny", 
Chlo-Bear with Pink-Eared Puppy, 
Chlo-Bear Art, 
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Speaker wires in an electrical box. (Photo by Sean)

Crayons (really?)

Sean is looking for Waldo.

Sean is taping together an "E" for his sister!

Ellie's sandals
(Photo by El)

Weird Crayon "levitation" 

Orangebody Yellowface Bunny
(Photo by El)

Chloe and a pink-eared pup

Chloe's Coloring

View Out 
(Photo by Sean or El)

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Olivia said...

Thanks again for keeping them! I hope they weren't too much trouble.