June 17, 2011

There you have it: "Your head is reeling."

Dad came to clean windows. 

Sometimes he had to deal with curtains.

He washed outside and removed windows so I could wash inside. We made a team, but he carried the weight. We talked while we worked and sometimes shared what Dad likes to call "companionable silence". I like Dad's choice of words "companionable silence"; It's a description I heard him use for Mom and himself and how they'd sometimes travel that way. Another word he said is, "reeling". I'd been praying for a word for the clamor of feelings I'm in. And there you have it; It is "reeling". Thanks Dad. Thanks God. I do hope for less "reeling" and more real, real soon.

He made the windows gleam!

Here are a few definitions for "reel/reeling"
  1. Feel very giddy, disoriented, or bewildered, typically as a result of an unexpected setback
    • - the unaccustomed intake of alcohol made my head reel
    • - the nationalist government is already reeling from 225 percent monthly inflation
    • (definition from here)
  • verb If you  are reeling from a shock, you are feeling extremely surprised or upset because of it. 
    usu cont 
    I'm still reeling from the shock of hearing of it...  V from n 
    It left us reeling with disbelief.  V prep 
    4  verb If you say that your brain or your mind is reeling, you mean that you are very confused because you have too many things to think about. 
    His mind reeled at the question. ((Here)D

These two patio garden snaps were taken when Dad was here.
The roses and catmint were in their prime. They are "taking a little break" now, but they'll be back, Lord willing. 

Symptoms of Reeling: 
1. Links out of order or missing.
     2. Interesting song: Cool effects
3. Odd Punctuation~ but that's a given~


Olivia said...

Companionable silence is the best silence of all!

Zoanna said...

I'm so sorry you're reeling. I would be, too, under the circumstances. Praying for some calm in the midst of it today.

Your dad looks so agile up on that counter! Whoa! And what a blessing that he came and cleaned your windows!!!

TAB said...

Reeling. That is certainly the best description.
Love you.