October 25, 2009

On Our Sunday Drive

We went to the hospital. This is one shot of pretty scenery near a golf course as we drove along the highway on our way to Memorial Hospital.

We were on our way to see baby Chloe. After calling the Doctor's office on two occasions last week and essentially being refused an appointment as they advised Liv to just keep doing what she was doing which was alternating motrin then tylenol to help keep fever down and encouraging fluids. Liv felt enough was enough after many days of the same thing with no change, so this afternoon, Olivia took her to the E.R.. Chloe wa promptly admitted to the hospital. Her diagnosis is unsure as I write, but she has been tested for Swine Flu and tested negative. Her symptoms are a fever hovering near 101.5 degrees for too many days, lethargy and intermittant vomiting and barely eating or nursing. Thankfully, the vomiting has ceased. Her lungs are clear. She has had a few tests. The results have not been determined yet, but it seems to be bacterial, not viral, therefore not contagious.  Baby Chloe is gettting hydration and antibiotics through an i.v..
We're praying for
1. quick recovery for Chloe
2. protection and rest for Olivia as she stays with Chloe who is getting an i.v.
3. for her husband, Chris and other blessings, Sean and Eleanor
Please join us in praying.

Here is Mike encouragng Chloe to take some water from a straw. 
Mike is a natural gracious "nurse". 

After we spent some time with Liv and Chloe, Mike and I stayed with Sean and Eleanor so Chris could to the hospital awhile. I painted Eleanor's toenails
"Revlon California Sunshine".
Yeah, whatever.
They can call it whatever cutesy name  they want, but Mike and I decided to call it

I'd say she was pleased.

I painted her toenails and Mike painted her fingernails!

Mike, Sean and Eleanor


Laurel said...

I'll be praying for Chloe and family. I've been in the hospital with a little one who is sick, and it is so not fun. Olivia and fam are so blessed to have you guys close by. May the Lord heal quickly and be glorified!

Rachelle said...

praying for your little granddaughter to get well and your family to have strength during this time.

Laurie said...

Thank you, dear sisters in Christ!
Chloe is in s-l-o-w recovery mode.
We're sti;ll waiting on a diagnosis from blood work. If you've had experience in a hospital, you may have noticed that sometimes time seems to run slower than normal there... so we're still waiting for a diagnosis and another blood test to find out
1. What bacteria she's battling
2. What "antibiotic" would best fight it
And as we wait, we trust in God for Supreme answers and direction.

tsbjf said...

Thank you for the update! I've been praying for Chloe every since Olivia posted on facebook that she'd be taking her to the ER. This has been heavy on my heart.

Laurie said...

Joanne- Thank you for praying. Blessings to you and your sweet young family!

Chris said...

praying with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie,
Those young ones can get so fast and stay sick for a long time.
I am thankul that Chloe is doing better. I am thankful that Liv has you and Mike! You are terrific grandparents.
Love ya
your long lost friend---Carolyn

TAB said...

Mom, I just love those pics of dad! He's amazing to me. Even painting Ellie's fingernails. I laughed when I saw it w/ a lump in my throat. I am praying for Chloe.

Laurie said...

Thank you Chris!

Carolyn- Don't be so long-lost!
(I certainly don't consider you "lost"!)
Thanks for prayers!
Love ya!

Tab- How sweet!
I love that you love and appreciate Dad! I can tell you the feelings (and even the lump in the throat) is reciprocated big time!

Zoanna said...

I asm so sorry I didn't pop over here sooner to read about your Sunday Drive. Not a good thing to be driving to , given the choice. But glad to hear the update.

Your Mike cracks me up. The eay he is holding the nail brush looks so...well..inexperienced...sweet, but very masculine (what a relief!) . When did he shave the beard?

And your grandabies are so, so beautiful , I can't get over it.
Their eyes are magnetic!

Zoanna said...

Whoa, mega typos. but you translated them all, right?
ugh. it's late.

Laurie said...

Your sweet and masculine (plus inexperienced w/ a nail brush)descrption of Mike is so right on!
Mike still has a light beard, light/sparse in hair and light (as in getting gray) in color! I love it!
And PS I so undersyund late or hurrued typos! I am a decent interpreter! No aplogy needed!~

Olivia Arlene said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Love, love, love, the pic of dad painting Ellie's nails!!!

Thanks to you both for helping out and keeping me and Chloe company while in the hospital. A lot of long waiting.