March 16, 2011

blizzard birth

The story is told about Mike being born in a blizzard- not that he and his mom were outside in the blizzard, but that the swirling snow caused distress in getting to the hospital for the birth. This story is primed for added embellishment as it is retold by the family!  On the evening before his birthday this year, icy little pellets came shooting down and gained momentum by a gusty wind. The ice eventually turned to snow which transformed the morning. These photos (and more!) were taken before the ice and snow gave way to Spring thaw. 

A Robin at the River

The Robin's vantage point of the Smoky Hill River


Earlier in the day...

I spy with my little eye...

...a porcelain white throne.


Zoanna said...

Hey, I remember that place! Gorgeous in every season , huh ?
Happy b'day to Mike. Gotta love the embellished stories. :)

TAB said...

happy birthday, dad!
brrrrrrrr.........cold! My behind got goose bumps just seeing that porcelain white throne.

Olivia Arlene said...

Haha Tab! You'd need a heated seat ;)

Pretty pictures mom as always!