March 23, 2011

Amble and Ramble

I have things to say, but my thoughts seem to think we're playing tag. I'm "it" in the middle of a vast field of near conclusions that speed off with a taunting laugh and a kick of dirt. My camera will have to do the talking where words leave off.

Abandoned School and Playground
Gypsum, KS

The Original School in the Shadow of the Larger, Newer Abandoned School

From "Little Red Schoolhouse" to at Least Two Additions
Why do I even care? Why take pictures?
Why not just shake my head and drive on by? 
I don't KNOW! 
Is it the lack of planning? Is it the waste on so many levels? 
The shame of misuse?
The building is too far deteriorated to even consider renovation, but I restore it to it's original glory days in my mind's eye and it's amazing for little Gypsum, Kansas.

("If these walls could speak...")

I spy with my little eye... a kick ball!

Life goes on in Gypsum...
See the muscle car in this garage?


Maybe things are looking up?
These balloons were caught in some wires out in the country.

Speaking of "Up", I highly recommend the movie.

A Door in Gypsum, Kansas

Backing up here. These last three photos were taken in Wichita, KS

 This sign was spotted outside the Nifty Nuthouse. I stood outside to watch baby Lilyana sleep in her car seat while her folks shopped inside.
I couldn't resist this sweetness:

And as I stood there, some "nut" drove up fast in his Mercedes Benz and parked in front of the "Drive slowly, Nut" sign!


Olivia Arlene said...

My heart just melted! How I love that baby girl. The memories of that day are so bittersweet.

I love your pictures mom and you are so good with words!

Love you!

Laurie said...

Liv- That day. That day Mom was in the hospital down the street and reality was smacking me in the head and pounding in my temples. I remember thinking that, sure enough, life proceeds as normal- People still talk and eat even if Mom couldn't.
People buy candy, laugh, drive, have places to be. Babies nurse and sleep. The sun shines. Life goes on. But HOW? That's the day when it HIT HARD that things were changing and I could not stop what was happening. My heart melted when I watched Lily sleep (sweet) and thought of contrasts (bitter). I am thankful to have shared some of the day with you, Liv Love, sweet love.