October 7, 2011

From Homestead to City Center and Celebration!

The site of an early Swedish homestead known as the Hoglund Dugout.

Surely many of the first settler had grand visions of what was to come!

Coronado Heights

Sandstone Steps

The "Castle"

I don't know who these folks are. They were viewing the Smoky Valley from the top of Coronado Heights.

Another view from Coronado Heights from Autumn 2011

Someone was flying over Coronado Heights!

From a sod and sandstone church building to the beautiful white steeple church:

Bethany Lutheran Church

City Center ready to welcome Hyllningsfest activities which include lots of dancing, 

Dala Horses,

and Tomtes! 


Olivia said...

Oh my Kansas is so pretty!!!

TAB said...

Indeed, Kansas is beautiful!