October 10, 2011

Hyllningsfest 2011

Going to the Parade with a Parade-Threatening Sky Overhead!

On our way to the parade through a sidewalk garden!

Watching the Parade North of the City Building:

My "Better Than a Parade" Loves

Near the end of the parade some spectators raised their umbrellas against the incessant drizzle that called us back to a dry, warm home!

Keepin' it real!

Relaxed and 
changed into dry, comfy clothes!

Sean's really silly!

Ellie's silly too!

Sleepy Granddad and Chloe After the Parade!

It was a drizzly, rainy, sleepy weekend for a Hyllningsfest Celebration, but in true Swedish Immigrant spirit, Lindsborg celebrated! And in two more years, we'll do it again, Lord willing!


Olivia said...

Good times and great photos! I have GOT to do some blogging soon!!! Even if no one else really reads it...it makes me feel better somehow to "publish" my pictures and thoughts.

Laurie said...

Hyllningsfest was fun in spite of the drizzle!
Yes! Keep publishing! There is value in blogging pictures and thoughts- value in review and retrospect- value in putting it together! Love ya!

Zoanna said...

Adorable costumes. Who made them? Such a treasure for your grands to get familiar eith their Swedish heritage. Love the, "keeping it real" shot" !:)

Laurie said...

Gotta love the Swedish heritage celebrations and traditions (most of 'em) in "Little Sweden USA! Liv and her Grandma (Farmor = Father's Mother) made the costumes. Swedish costumes in this family are pieced, cinched and patched to match the wearer through the years! However some of the costumes worn around town or by visitors are autherntic and eloborate representing a particular area of Sweden!

http://www.foreverswedish.org/folkdrkt.htm costumes

TAB said...

I love these pictures! Makes me miss you more though. How I love my family.

Laurie said...

Miss and love you too, Tab!

Olivia said...

The 6th picture is hilarious!!! I'm giving you the evil eye, Lily looks royally ticked off, Grandad looks mildly amused, and Sean and Chloe look bored to tears lol!