July 21, 2008

Family and Friends

I've thought about starting a weblog for awhile now. Adam Parker who is a contributor to Bring the Books said, "set up your account, you can have it going tonight" , but he didn't realize that I am not as savvy as some on the computer so it took me longer than "have it going tonight" considering the learning curve I am experiencing! It is a work in progress. I am learning as I go.
My husband, Mike is a guest blogger for the next post and I hope he will continue to be a guest. I like the idea of having family contribute. Our daughter, Olivia has a blog about the baby she expects on December 25th here and one that is about her family here. Christine has often looked over my shoulder wondering how it is going as I have been working on setting up this blog and has been giving helpful encouragement! Tabitha says I need to put more photos on the blog. I said that's a good idea, she should get to work on that! She has helped me with some shortcuts and some of the Html which she learned from Denise. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and that is all I know. I think those are great descriptive words for this mystery code. Is there a painless way of learning Html? Or more specifically, do I really have to learm Html?

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