October 19, 2009

Birthday Buzz: Two More Sweet Things

This cup was my Dad's from when he served in the Korean War. I've always liked to drink coffee from this cup when at my folks' house. My Dad gave it to me for my birthday. How sweet! It says: "US 1952" and "Eldon" on the bottom of the cup!
Thanks Dad! I love this cup, but I love you more!

Roses and "Pink Spikes" 
(The rose bush is a transplant from my folks' garden since it was not doing well there. I think it just needed more room. It's blooming like crazy here!) The pink spikes are from a perennial that I had cut back last month and it keeps blooming!Posted by Picasa Thanks to Mike for clipping the cuttings for this arrangement!


zz said...

The cup! What a treasure. Oh, my. I would feel so special and yet so paranoid (being the klutz I am). Is Eldon your dad's name or the manufacturer?

Pretty spikes. Pink salvia?

Laurie said...

Zoanna- The cup is a treasure like my Dad! Eldon must be a manufacturer's name.
My dad's name is John.
I'm a klutz too, but this is not a highly breakable cup, so it's fairly safe! It is made of "brown Bakelite heavy plastic-type material". It reminds me of a heavy Melamine.

I'm not sure what the spikes are!

Blessings to you!

TAB said...

What a sweet gift! beautiful flowers!