October 18, 2009

Birthday Buzz: This time I got a buzz!

This is a most wonderful table that Mom and Dad surprised me with via my Aunt Arlene from Ohio. The table top (a collection of stamps) was made by my Grandma who is no longer living on earth. This table was her desk/work space/t.v. tray/All Purpose Table. I'd almost forgotten about it, but when Mom and Dad brought it in, it was like an instant rewind to years ago. I could see my Grandma sitting in her comfy rocking chair with the table nearby. I could hear her voice, feel the comfort of being with her... and so many more memories wrapped in the lovliest of feelings...
This little table packs way more stories than I can say.

 I'm feeling rather dumb for not getting a group photo of the party givers and attenders: Mom, Dad, Chris and Olivia. Duh.
Here is the cake, Mike and Chloe, me w/ Sean, Eleanor and Chloe and Sean with Gustafer Yellowgold.

When I was at Liv's a few days ago, she got a package in the mail. She said, "Oh good! It's here!" When I asked what was here, she said. "It's a birthday surprise!" This evening I found out it was a a stuffed Gustafer Yellowgold and a DVD! How fun! For this thoughtfulness and many others I do feel loved and lavished upon! Thanks my dear Mom, Dad, Mike, Olivia, Chris, Sean, Eleanor and Chloe!
"I'm getting older, but you make it all better!
Love you all!
Olivia posted a sweet little birthday post here.
And if you care to see Gustafer Yellowgold "Getting In A Treetop" you've come to the right place:

Three more from Gustafer Yellowgold and this blog!
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zoanna said...

Sweet post and pictures. I agree, your mom looks too young to be a grammy--and looks good in that shade of red.

Zoanna in Maryland said...

Woops, my comment boxes are working so slowly. That one was supposed to go under Liv's blog post. Anyway, I am a day late in wishing you a happy birthday, and it appears was indeed that. I'm blessed to have you as a "virtual friend," though it feels like we're sisters not just in the Lord, but somewhere in our lineage. The Kansas humor gives us a bond no one else shares (pity them:)> ).
God bless you this coming year with fond memories, strong muscles, and good hair days:).

Olivia Arlene said...

Thanks Zoanna!

Mom, I am so glad you had a happy birthday full of memories:)

Sean can't wait to come over to see Gustafer again!

Laurie said...

Aww. Thanks Zoanna~! I'm glad you said such a nice thing and I got it in my comment box!
I totally reciprocate your sentiments! Thanks dear Zoanna!

Laurie said...

Liv- I have a Gustafer buddy and one of the sweetest grandsons ever! I think Sean and I sometimes speak the same language! May it always be so is my perpetual prayer!

Laurel said...

What a precious gift, that table. It's really lovely.

TAB said...

You had a great day! I'm so glad! Happy birthday, again, mom! love you!