October 27, 2009

Chloe Update

Here are some photos from today at the hospital. Chloe is getting much better! The i.v. drip was disconnected for the afternoon but she still received antibiotics through the i.v. port. The plan is to "hook her up" again to a drip i.v. overnight. Her fever is kept down by Motrin and Tylenol. She nursed often today and kept all but one feeding down. Until her temperature comes down and stays down for a consistent time, she will stay in the hospital.
The Doctor is hoping for (and we're praying for) a release by Thursday.
Chloe seems to be feeling and breathing better. She is getting more vocal and less lethargic.  Thank you for your prayers for Chloe. Please keep praying for full recovery from
E. Coli bacteria. 
(It seems to be near the same scenario as when my Mom was in hospital in June.)
Olivia is tired. Please pray for Olivia. Please pray for rest and peace.
Oh yeah, in the photos, please take note of the white board message one of Olivia's aides wrote yesterday which was not changed until late today.
"He is our Light."
I don't know how to express how encouraging that was in that hospital room!
John 1:1-4

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Just Passing Through said...

I am lifting them to Father. I was in the hospital many years ago with one of my babies and I know the "stress" Liv is feeling. She is in my heart and prayers. Please give her a hug from me.

Laurie said...

Ruth- Thanks for praying! I'll give Liv that hug today Lord willing!

Chris said...

Still praying! And thankful for the good progress so far...

Rachelle said...

It feels so good when those little sick ones start to perk up. Continuing to pray for Chloe and her family.

TAB said...

Wow! That's encouraging-the verse and the baby perking up. Man, that would be great for them to be able to go home on Thursday!
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Olivia Arlene said...

Thanks mom! Sweet pics:)

That was still on the white board when we left this morning!