September 12, 2010

September Garden

Several years ago this was a small wheat field on the edge of town. Now it is our patio garden.
Marigolds and Korean Spice Viburnum in foreground
Pussy Willow, Dwarf Peach Tree and Roses in back left to right

"Knock-out" Roses

Dwarf Peach Tree with peaches

Butterfly and Bee on Bluebeard Spirea
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Laurel said...

Beautiful! You've done a lovely job with your garden. And fruit - wonderful bonus!

Jill said...

Yes, I marvel at your green thumb or maybe I should give the credit to the Lord for gifting you and MIke in that way!! Btw, are those peaches edible???

Anonymous said...

Sure is pretty. Your pictures are stunning.

zz said...

That was me (anonymous).

Olivia Arlene said...

I'm always amazed at your garden! Beautiful!

tsbjf said...

Pretty! Seeing those peaches reminded me of the time I got to help pick some at Golda Pope's place. She let us eat as many as we wanted while we picked--that was the first time I had eaten a peach right off the tree, and I was smitten. SOOO delicious!