September 17, 2010

Prepared, Waiting, Setting Sail, Steady

Olivia expecting Lilyana Mary
any day, anytime.
Ready, waiting...

 Sean, the master and commander on this ship.
Arm-rest covers were hoods. The ship was loaded with various toys and covered to make a sculptural cockpit. Eleanor and Gorilla were passengers. The hand-held mixer is a navigational instrument.

Eleanor has learned to pedal her tricycle and is loving, loving it!

Chloe go-goes around with her rider toy lion.
Sometimes she needs help over bumps.
Sometimes she gets off and drags lion across bumps.


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zz said...

What good pictures, as always, you have put up! I especially like the one of Mike and Chloe. It'll be fun to look back someday and show her that from "here to here" (her head to her bum) was the same length as from Grandpa's bicep to his fingertips). The head shot of Mike is great, too. You KNOW I like the name they've chosen. I was considering it for a little girl myself.

Olivia Arlene said...

Thanks for posting this mom! I've had a bit of a rough day with my Blessings, but it's always nice to see your pictures of them and read your captions. Makes me smile and laugh and realize that these hard days are really so small in the whole scheme of things. I know as a Grammy you see them and love them differently than I do. I always appreciate your words of wisdom and how you are always so much more patient with them than I am. I don't know what I'd do without and dad. Thanks so much for always helping out when I call!

Love you!

Chris said...

So happy for you!
Your daughters pick beautiful names :-)

tsbjf said...

Cool collages! Such good pics. It is so neat to see you & Mike as grandparents now, knowing that you knew me when I was their age. Kind of trippy, but cool to see how God has blessed your lives. :)

Just Passing Through said...

Such a wonderful imagination - to meet life head on as a child - to dream big, play hard, and pull your toys over the bumps.

Laurie said...

Liv- I love you and thank you!

Joanne- I know!
It is trippy, but cool! And may we recognize, see more clearly and enjoy the Lord's blessings!