January 10, 2012

No No "NOEL" Elf

I found this figurine at a thrift shop last year. There was no companion- only EL. I figured the EL's missing companion must have been broken or lost and maybe the missing elf held an "F" as an ending for "ELF". Make sense? Mike came to the rescue in my time of denseness and suggested the elf's companion spelled not ELF,  but "NOEL" which makes even more sense. Yet a cute little elf holding "NO" may not be cute.

We sometimes shorten Eleanor's name to "El", so this elf is also holding Eleanor's shorter name! 

Yes, Christmas is over and a new year has begun, so why the Christmas elf? 
We are still decorated and this year we will use King Knut Day as the date to end holiday and put it all away. I've come to appreciate that Swedish tradition when it's needed.

"I'm not a Christmas Calvinist"

BTW-  Happy Birthday to the twin grandcuties! Love, sweet love!


TAB said...

Cute elf!

Zoanna said...

That's adorable! Is it hard to say ,"No, El," to your grandcutie?

tsbjf said...

I had to google King Knut Day; I'm so behind in my Swedish knowledge!