January 30, 2012


Marker Drawing by Chloe
Long arms, skinny blue jeans and wild hair? 
Sweet interpretation. 



Chloe and Eleanor took turns taking photos.

Guitar and Kleenex

Build A Cootie!


Zoanna said...

Aww, so precious. Love the picture of you two together. You look great! And hey, if anyone drew me with skinny jeans, they'd get a humongous hug!!!

tsbjf said...

Awww, love!
And cooties, one of the girls just got that game for Christmas and we played it recently; I remember playing as a kid myself! A classic that has stuck around.

TAB said...

so sweet!
i love chloe's sweet smile.

Olivia said...

Chloe has just blossomed in the last month with her drawing and coloring it seems! She's a goober :)