October 26, 2010


Downtown Hutchinson, Kansas behind the old Pegues where Mom worked (Pegues Pantry) for a short time. Mom loves to cook and that's what she assisted with at the Pantry. The bleu cheese dressing made there is the best I've eaten. Mom still makes it. She's the best cook I know.

Mom, Dad, Mike and I ate at the former Pegues Pantry recently. Pegues was a full-service department store with a fresh and quaint full-service deli when Mom worked there. Pegues has been out of business for quite awhile, but the restaurant portion is now operationg as Jillian's Italian Grill and the two photos above were taken in the parking lot looking different directions. See the train in the background? I remember going to meet my grandma and "see her off" at the station when I was a young girl.  

These first two were taken by the Smoky Hill River that runs through Lindsborg. The third photo is our backyard.

The lawn of a fun junk shop in Hutch..

Chloe's toeys
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TAB said...

LOVE the photos. Especially grandma and chloe's toeys. And the bikes!

Olivia Arlene said...

That first picture is really neat! It looked like a post card from Italy :-)

tsbjf said...

Cool pics! Everyone loves a good cook :) . It's neat to hear about all the history behind these places.