January 19, 2011

Along the Road: So Good To Be Home

Slow down. 

Zoom Out Closer

The truck
These could all be important to tell about, 
but now, 

Pretty Chevy in Snow

Ice on the corner of the front windshield

The atmosphere was just right to see the windshield tinting highlighted by the ice and filtered sun. Kinda cool.
This is what the roads were like which makes me tense and snappy... I remind Mike, "It's stupid for us to be driving on "sheer ice", like it's new information or he could change it.

 Traveling in a quick-coming ice storm, stopping to scrape ice from the front windshields when wipers and heater can't keep up, I wonder whatever happened to the ice scraper. At first, a plastic back-scratcher woked. By the 3rd stop, a plastic cd case took the job with better results. 
When Mike gets back inside the car and sees my smirk, he says, "What. Are you enjoying the ice capades?"

The front end of a Chevrolet truck-
 Somehow, despite the rust, it looks all hopeful.

Before we drive out from one of our "scrape-stops", I roll down the window to snap this shot. Mike says with an apt smirk, "With the window down, that camera is going to turn to "sheer ice". 

This is the kind of day that some Moms fret about and tell their grown children,  "Stay inside. Don't go out in this whether. It's treacherous! It's stupid to go out!"
And when you're the one caught driving on these treacherous roads, you sigh. You know you're stupid- but not on purpose. The forecast happened to be right for a change.
As you pull up to home in the car that's as warm as the full-blast defroster allows, you agree with your Mom's wisdom. 
It's so good to be home.


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh my goodness mom! I can't believe you were out there today! Poor dad. Makes for some good pictures though :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I love the ice on the window! Very cool shot. You are very talented.

TAB said...

Beautiful Chevy.
Dad looks cold! So glad you were safe.