January 4, 2011

Look up. Look down. Look all around.

Look through my window.

Elevator with Wall Rogalsky logo. This mill produces Hudson Cream Flour. 

The Warren Building is where my folks, the girls and I used to meet for breakfast almost every Friday morning for a time while the girls and I home schooled. Sweet memories indeed. My Mom has great memories of she and her mom (my grandma) eating there together. The McPherson Courthouse is across the street and is reflected in the window.

I noticed the bulldog in the window of "The Rare Find" while I sat in the car waiting on Mike to finish an errand. I took photos until the dog noticed and began to bark. Speaking of bulldogs...

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Just Passing Through said...

I absolutely love the picture of the Warren building. Something about all the glass and newness reflecting the older brick building is really cool!