January 11, 2011

Fresh Snow and Birthday Parties

Fresh Snow Covering in South Lindsborg

Emma Creek Bridge in Moundridge

Taken on the Bridge (next photo) over the Smoky Hill River in South Lindsborg Looking Across to the Old Railroad Bridge Which is Now Part of the Walking Trail (Valkommen Trail)

Smoky Hill River Bridge

Garden Lounger 

Snow Covered Oat Bundle (Julkarve) Adorning a Light Post Downtown Lindsborg

These next few photos change gears...

The twins turn 5!

Olivia and Tabitha at the Twins 5th Birthday Party

 Tab and me at the twins' party
Tab and the kids have been visiting since the surprise Christmas visit. Fun! It's nearly time to say goodbye to some sweet times. Love, sweet love.


Just Passing Through said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Great snow pics.
And what a bunch of beautiful folks!

Olivia Arlene said...

Pretty snow!