July 7, 2012

Rain Play

We LOVE the RAIN!!!
The sidewalk art heart was brushed on with a broom!
The Florida grandchildren have heard us talk about the 
drought and the heatwave enough lately, so when the
dark clouds finally dripped some big drops, they ran inside to report,
then we all went out to enjoy the rain!

Dipping the Brush/Broom in the Birdbath!

The broom was saturated and heavy!

Going Back for More Wet "Paint"!
Now back to the Cement Drawing Board!

Painting and Making Puddles!

There were only two brooms, so Marcail stood on a little chair
and directed a choir and enthusiastically sang a series of songs!


tsbjf said...

The painters, the singer; love it!

Olivia said...

I am so jealous! We did not get rain. I think it sprinkled some over night? there are some wet spots, but everything still looks so dry :(

TAB said...

It was a glorious rain! I loved when Henry sang in the rain, "thank you God for the rain!!"

Zoanna said...

This post makes me smile. So creative with the "supplies" and singin' n directin' in the rain!