March 28, 2010

Sunday Drive and Eleanor's Birthday

Sean, Eleanor and Olivia with Eleanor's "Purse Cake"
Olivia posted  better  pictures.

Eleanor is waiting for cake!

How 'bout a bite of cake over here!
Mike reaching for Chloe
Oh no!! Mike is pulling the plug!
When I saw this I said, "Oh man! I look ticked off!"
Mike said, "No Honey, you look tired."
So he takes me out for a relaxing country drive which is almost always reviving!

Here's a road we took on our long drive home via country roads...

...even after reading this sign. Mike explained that the road is not wet it is "damp". It took awhile for my heart to stop racing, but I will say that Mike is a good navigator. He also drives in reverse quite well...
A calf in the middle of the road
Another calf on the wrong side of the fence 
and an agitated Mama Cow

Arborvitae and Kansas sky

A decorative wall in a country cemetery

Peek-a-boo Moon

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Back in town
 Bethany Lutheran Church steeple
and Swedish inscription


Olivia Arlene said...

I really am sorry you are so weary mom.

I love your pictures! Dad is a great navigator. My heart would have been racing too though!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Wowza! I'm glad I took my time to respond to your post. I thought YOU were the mom to Eleanor and the other children. You may be weary, but you look too young to be a grandma!!

You are richly blessed....Such a beautiful family.

I love the picture of the steeple. I love seeing them when we travel.

Chris said...

Actually, I think you looked thoughtful...treasuring the special birthday moments...

Rachelle said...

love the road sign...we don't need those around here usually! How sweet your grandbabies are, what a blessing! Hope you are feeling well as spring blooms!
ps, are you building/remodeling? I keep getting hints that you may be. I have a few items to share that we cannot use and have had too long to return. One is a new bridge style kitchen faucet, it's really pretty, but I learned it won't work with my sink, have some other goodies too...

Laurie said...

Dear Rachelle,
Mike is a builder by trade. He built our house and we're mostly finished except for orange speaker wires still hanging from ceiling and a few other little things, but we seem always to be in finish-up and fix-up mode! He also builds both custom or "spec.". He's builing a duplex w/ his Dad now. Anyway, I'll run the bridge style faucet by him and ask if he'd be interested and in other goodies. The duplex is in finish mode. I'm not sure what's next, but things are always brewing! Thanks!