March 31, 2010

Sights Around Wichita On Our Way To The Airport!!


 What comes to mind when you see this symbol?

I took this photo in the airport. I was intrigued by this sign as I thought about how "family and special needs"
fit together!
About a minute after I took it, an airport authority came over to our table. It was like he came out of nowhere! He let me know I was not allowed to take photos of the passenger security check-in area. When I told him I was taking photos of the sign, maybe he wondered why, but he seemed satisfied.
Tabitha, happy to be off the plane and back in Kansas!

James, happy about the same things though he much prefers Florida! As is evident by the first photos, it was a perfectly lovely spring day that cannot be denied!
Silly boy Henry
Giggly girls, Naomi and Marcail
We stopped at the park where Liv and the kids were playing.
Here are sisters Tabitha and Olivia greeting one another!
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TAB said...

Those pic are lovely on your way to Wichita. I think that Donut Hole looks fun and yummy!
I really like the pic of Liv and I greeting each other.
The door handles remind me of butterflies.

Olivia Arlene said...

The one symbol looked like a cat to me. A Siamese cat from Lady & The Tramp to be exact!

The Donut Whole Looks yummy I agree with Tab:-) I like the Rooster on the top. I wonder if they have good coffee? It says Wichita's best! I wonder by whose standards? Interesting that it's a 24-hour drive-up window...

Yes, family and special needs do seem to go hand in hand... Funny that a security guard, or whomever he was, told you not to take pictures!

So good to see everyone again!

tsbjf said...

Yay for a safe trip!

Jill said...

I see a cat and possibly a tulip! I like seeing your reflection in the glass also as you're driving by and snapping the photo!!

I absolutly love seeing families reuniting--sweet times!! It's also fun to see Arryn and Genesis in the background!! Looks like baby #3 is growing!! :) Loving all the pics!!