March 25, 2010

"First It's Candy... Then It's Gum"

Razzles and "ABC" (Already Been Chewed) gum!
They start out seeming like a semisweet and semitart candy then turn to gum!

Thanks for the great guesses!
Easter egg dye! Yes!! I can certainly see the resemblance!
Rolos! These are chocolate covered caramels 
individually wrapped in special gold foil! Yum!
I remember the Rolos' ad jingle song, though maybe not word for word:
"There are lots of chewy Rolos in a roll for you
If you're choosy 'bout what you chew.
Real milk chocolate and caramel too!
To chew, chew, chew chew chew-chew-chew!!"

And Chris' daughter was so CLOSE that if there was a prize 
(a prize package of Razzles) she'd get it!
If you had enough Razzles you could certainly build with them, especially since the gum could be used as mortar!

I don't remember Razzles ever being advertised.
Maybe someone needs to come up with a jingle for Razzles!
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Olivia Arlene said...

OK, now I want some...I think maybe I've had them before, but it's a faint memory...

Laurie said...

Yeah. They are candies that Moms may not rush out to buy. Wait. Is there a candy that Moms rush out to buy?!
Actually I hadn't seen them for a long while, but when we were at Scott's last, they were makin a ruckus and nearly jumping off the candy rack shouting, "Pick me! Pick me!" I bought the first package for "old time's sake". I bought the second package to do the blog post, since the first package was all chewed up!
Treat yourself to some Liv! Sorry we never shared them together when you were a child, but it's not too late!

TAB said...

That's what i thought they were! Or Jujubes or whatever that candy's called.
Love the pictures. Great, fun post, Mom!

Rachelle said...

thank you for telling us...may have to get these for the kids Easter party @ school next week (to send home, of course :)).

Laurie said...

Tab- Yes you did mention Razzles on the phone though you were rather like Chris' daughter who had the name right, but not the properties of the candy ;), so to be fair, I guess you'd get a prize package of Razzles also!