March 24, 2010

Can you name this candy? Or is it candy?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
I don't know what the globs are but the others look like egg dye.
Could I be right?
Love ya,

Rachelle said...

those tablets do look like egg dye and the blobs like watercolor paint...I hope that's not something chewed on :). They do look a little like chewy sweet tarts and used gum!

Olivia Arlene said...

Well, the globs look like some one chewed up some taffy, then spit it out!

Not sure about the round things...the blue one looks like what I recently put in my toilet though...heeheehee:-)

Chris said...

I guessed pop rocks and sweet tarts/smarties hybrid.

Dear daughter thinks they are called Razzle something and you can build with them...

zz said...

Each soft one looks a chewed-and-played with version of the same colored hard one. Egg dye tablets would crumble, I'd think, not squish. There is a candy I can't think of--Rolos, but I think they're only chocolate, not other flavors.

Course, for all I know, these are a new 3M adhesive. :)