September 6, 2012

"The Siple Life" (Murray Siple) and The Possibilities

In March of 2005, I’d been diagnosed with MS long enough to wonder about mobility and practicality. I needed a walker. I would most likely need a wheelchair. Though the prospect of mobility challenges was discouraging, I was encouraged when Mike shared an article from  a March 2005, Dwell magazine featuring Murray Siple. My eyes were opened to a vista I’d never explored. My preconceived ideas of mobility were challenged and I learned that:
1. Wheelchairs don’t have to look or drive like "tanks". 
2. Customizing a home for wheelchair use can have an artful outcome.
I am not aware of many truly wheelchair accessible plans, but Siple’s home design has fueled my imagination. Here is a slideshow of Siple's home photos and the Dwell Magazine article.

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TAB said...

I love his closet!
What a fresh, clean and smooth home.