September 26, 2012

Tattooed Titanium! Rock on! Roll on!

I always thought a wheelchair was a wheelchair. 
I never had need to know better.

The chair has a lightweight titanium frame and is 
handmade in America by Tilite. 

But of course, the design, materials, weight and propulsion matter! 
My chair was a used/demo chair, so the specs were predetermined. 

Yes. My chair has a tattoo.

Tatooed titanium right out there in front. 
I can only imagine the wild night it rolled into
 a tattoo shop and got the “Rock and ‘Roll’” tattoo! 

 Rock on!
Roll on!


tsbjf said...

I love it that your wheelchair has a tatoo. Gives it that youthful vibe that fits you!

TAB said...

I'm thankful that the Lord gave you that chair.