September 28, 2012

Murray Siple's "Carts of Darkness"

In March of 2005, Mike showed me an article in Dwell Magazine called The Siple Life, about a wheelchair accesible home designed for Murray Siple. There are few wheelchair accessible house designs featured in such magazines, so of course, this one piqued my interest. We read that Siple had made snowboarding films before a car accident turned the course of his life. Mike and I later discovered that he was still making films. Carts of Darkness is one such film. I am not encouraging the cart riding practice here- “Oh my heart!”, but the film does focus in on a way of life that most of us can only imagine.
small wheels Bigger Thrills!?!

Siple says, "I discovered the story behind "Carts of Darkness" when I was grocery shopping one evening. I noticed some loud individuals who were cashing in bottles. I had a romantic vision that both of our lifestyles were stereotypes to the passing customers: the drunken and comically disordered bottle returners, and me, wheelchair-bound and precarious in my adapted vehicle. When I approached the men with the idea to make a film, a world was revealed to me I had never expected to discover in my own neighborhood."

Be advised: PG Language

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TAB said...

VERY interesting! Oh my heart! for real!

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