May 26, 2012

Remembering Mom

…and looking back to early 90's. There we are, holding flowers and gathered around Dad's white pick-up. I wish I could remember the occasion.
Mom is wearing pink and looking happy! 
Tab is sporting a cute-curly-girle mullet and looking over her shoulder.
Liv is sporting a side-ponytail in auburn hair and looking full-on.
I am sporting some wild hair and must be either lost in thought or ill.
That time seems long ago and so close I can feel it.


tsbjf said...

Good picture! Maybe Mother's Day since you and your mom both have flowers?

Olivia said...

I think I remember that picture being taken, but I don't remember the occassion... Mother's day seems very possible. Or May Day?

I sure miss Grandma!

Zoanna said...

Love this three generation picture. Pink was a great color on her.

TAB said...

Maybe May Day.
Wow! I was rockin the grade school mullet. Yikes.

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