August 11, 2011

Super Grandcuties

We loved being met by three grandcuties when we pulled into the driveway! After we parked and before we got out of the car, they ran to greet us at the window! Chloe is holding a Superchick Barbie. Ellie is holding her little "Bah-Bah" Blankie. 

Sean was showing and telling about his box of plastic superheroes he received as a gift!

This Sculpture is on the grounds of Bethany College... It looks rather like a "Super Hero" to me, so I snapped it for Sean! I also began thinking of so many "Real-Men Superheroes" of the Bible! I pray that both grandsons will learn of and desire to emulate real and true Biblical Superheroes and the five granddaughters would learn of and desire to be like lovely ladies of Scripture! I pray for their little lives and hearts.
(Liv- Next time I hope to get some snaps of Lilyana too!)


Olivia said...

Oh Sean! He can tell you more than you ever want to know about his beloved supers!

I share your prayer mom!

Laurie said...

Love that Sean!

TAB said...

I share that prayer as well and thank you for your prayers!!!

Sweet photos of sweet kids.