August 8, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...

about the first garden.

Wild and Ripe Sandhill Plums

Luscious leaves
Mulberry, I think

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Zoanna said...

One of my favorite fruits of all time and they're in KANSAS! Oh, Barb and I will make sandhill plum jelly when I'm in town, I think. It's a rare treat to get to eat those yummy treats!!!

Your photos are exquisite...and yes , I wonder also about the first garden and how bright and fruitful and WEEDLESS it was !!!

Laurie said...


"Exquisite" is a generous word and it is just the word that kept surfacing on our Sunday drive as I viewed God's design in creation!

Sandhill Plum jelly is a treat indeed!

TAB said...

I do not think I've ever experienced sandhill plums, jelly or otherwise.

Olivia Arlene said...

Remember when we picked plums and made jelly!? Or am I mistaken...I thought we did that once, and grapes too... Yummm :-) Maybe Tab was away at that point?

Laurie said...

Liv- I do remember picking plums and making jelly! The plums were discovered on Plum Road believe it or not, on our way to Hutch. via backroads! I can't remember the details about Tab. I do remember near the same year, we wanted to take Plum Rd. all the way to G-ma and G-dad B's one cold, beautiful snow-dusted Christmas morning. We started out on Plum until it was too icy slushy and muddy! Well it was too muddy for me... Dad may have driven on. I wondered who we'd call to pull us out if we'd have gotten stuck on Christmas morning!
The grapes! Yes! They were Concord grapes and were picked from a surplus at Chuck and Lana's! The grapes were amazingly flavorful!
If I never thanked you for your help, I thank you now! I love how you were/are game for adventures and experiments!

Tab- IF I do make some jelly, I'll be sure to save some back for you! I know you've had it, but I understand not remembering! Do you remember Lana's grape vines?

Rachelle said...

We just had our first Sandhill Plum crop (we actually planted native plants on a drip system) and I made is so good.

Laurie said...

I wonder about varieties of plums. I wonder if the variety grown near you is different than near us. The ones near us seem to vary even from the ones near the sandy hills where I grew up (40 miles difference). They seemed to be smaller and tarter where I grew up compared to the plumper and sweeter
ones around here. (Congrats on your first usable harvest and the naturalized plantings!)