August 3, 2010

Random Some Old

I've been going through saved folders of photos in Picasa.
There's a folder named  "Random Some Old".  The title is awkward, but I know what I mean.
Mom and me
We were on our way to a dance recital. I loved dancing and I loved the blue tutu, but recitals made me nervous.

Tabitha and Olivia as babies
Tab wanted Liv to laugh.
This photo was taken with a "film camera".
It wasn't a 35 mm or a digital. It was a true point and shoot. No zoom. No play with settings or light. Ya got whatcha got.
This square fuzzy photograph is what I got.
Even so, I'm glad for it.

 In my folks backyard
L to R: Chris, Mike, me, Cyndi, Marcail and Liv

Dad and Christine 
Dad was installing an "ironing center" in the laundry area.

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TAB said...

I like random some old!
More please.

Olivia Arlene said...

I love that first picture! I have one classy Grandma!

It's amazing how far cameras have come just in my lifetime so far!