August 15, 2010

Mom, the Valiant

Mom loves to cook. Recently she made beef and noodles and delicious sides and brought them to us for supper. She brought a mix of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a bit of summer squash in the Best Vinegar and Oil Dressing Ever. I've asked mom to teach me to make the dressing just like she does. She's been making it so long without a recipe, that asking for a recipe is futile! While I watch, she pours a little oil, then some vinegar, sugar and salt directly on the veggies. She doesn't measure. She just pours, sprinkles and stirs and it comes out perfect every time. I try, but it's never the same as when Mom makes it. 
The evening she and Dad came over and brought supper, she'd had chemotherapy (and all the nasty side effects) 4 times in 5 previous weeks. 
It had been a long road to even getting a diagnosis.
Mom is valiant in the fight with cancer, yet her valiancy does not lessen the fierceness of the battle.

She is a gift giver and her home cooked food is one of the many ways she gifts her family.
She is a great cook. She is a beautiful Mom.
She is much more than I could express in words.
My heart is full.
Love, sweet love.
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Zoanna said...

Aw, that's precious. What a gift you have in her.

Olivia Arlene said...

Grandma is an amazing cook and a very generous woman! I love her lots and I love you mom!

Chris said...

What a beautiful family picture!
It's good to have a picture of the person we are praying for.