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Pride Aside... Praise Uprise!

This morning the kids were playing together so well that it made this Grammy happy! I think the kids played together 4 hours without whining, crying or complaining! I'm praising at the risk of sounding proud because I can honestly say this doesn't happen every day and it sure seems like it was an extra measure of needed grace...

Henry's "snake"

Marcail's Spider was dancing and singing with Naomi's piano playing.

Tab was brushin teeth and takin names...
before the purse panic.

It was a blessing to have a peaceful morning because Tab and the kids had a play date with some friends and 5 minutes before leaving Tab realized her purse was missing!
Gone! Gone! Gone!
(Can I get a witness about the temptation to freak
about a missing purse?)
We looked everywhere high and low and in the most ridculous of places about 10 times each (which took an hour and 1/2 and much freaking out... and prayer) before Tab found it under a jacket in a reasonable enough, but overlooked and out of the ordinary place! After some whoops and shouts of praise to God and I dare say a few tears of relief, the kids picked up on the jubilation of something lost being found and being able to move on with plans!
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LivG said…
That is always a much needed blessing when the kids play so well together!

Glad Tab found her purse! Whew! I bet she was panicking just a bit! I would.
tsbjf said…
4 hours of good play, I'd say that's pretty awesome for any group of kids! Hooray!

Missing purses are the worst. Glad it was found!
Zoianna said…
That's incredible! 4 hours? Definitely worth a praise and a blog post) Your lil darlins are so sute.
Laurie said…
4 hours seems incredible, but to be sure, they were not unsupervised or "perfect" for 4 hours! They had some conflicts, but the morning wasn't full of whining and bickering like it can be some mornings which makes just 1hour seem like 4 hours!! I'm amazed at how those three can play so well together almost flawlessly playing off of each other's pretening games! I love it! But certainly, if one is "in a mood" the morning drags on!
For some reason this blog made me emotional. . . .the joys of pretending in childhood and having someone to play with. . . the absolute joy of something lost being found. I wonder if it's because of what I've lost lately - and the hope that it will be found again. . . know what I mean?
Laurie said…
I do know what you mean!
Oh to revel in childlike joy and of for the lost to be found!
Rachelle said…
loved this post! It is so niece once lost her purse for 2 weeks, looked everywhere...then finally found it in her son's room. She set it down by the bed while putting him in the bed and it tipped over under the bed (she had already replaced her driver's license).
and I love-love kids playing well together. In our house getting-along is a priority. You should be proud, you are blessed!

on that note I have to brag a little:My girls went to 4H camp this past weekend where they were in separate groups; each group had to make a paper sack puppet of someone they admired. My girls made puppets of each other. This is the kind of stuff that makes a mama's heart happy. I thank God everyday for this kind of unmerited grace...believe you me I do not deserve such a gift.
TAB said…
It was a blessing (and I didn't even realize it at the time) how well they got along that morning! God is good!

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