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Physical Training, Godliness and Hearty Laughter

(This was written awhile back. Now seems like a good time to publish it as I think ahead to our upcoming 29th wedding anniversary on June 7th!) The photo was taken several months before we were married. Dig the matching hair dos?
Today during lunch, Mike, Christine, Wayne and I were talking about the newest baby born in our church fellowship named Amos Augustin. We were wondering about the name meaning for 'Amos', so Christine rounded up a baby name book called What's in a Name? over 700 Names and their Meanings complied by Francis, Hartzell and Palmquist. This book also lists Suggested Lifetime Scripture Verses for each name. Amos means Bearer of a Burden; Compassionate Spirit and the suggested lifetime verse is Romans 12:9-10. We looked up all our names. We looked up "Michael" and read his suggested lifetime verse: "Because while physical training is of little benefit, godliness is beneficial in every way; it holds promise for this and for the future life." I laughed. The first part of the verse just hit me funny so I began to laugh. And usually when I laugh, Mike joins in even if he's not sure what I'm laughing about and before long we're both laughing and often snickering turns to "can barely breathe laughter" while we laugh at the original thought, or some silly thing one of us has managed to say between breaths, or we end up laughing at each other and ourselves for doubling over in laughter! In this case, "Because while physical training is of little benefit,..." made me snicker, then sputter, then laugh until tears came to my eyes! (Who needs dessert when laughter follows the meal!?) (And yes, you probably had to be there to see or think anything funny, and even if you were there, it may not have been funny, but you know how fits of laughter can be!) Please understand my husband is a strong, hard-working man. He works hard, but he does not "work out" for the sake of exercise that may make up physical training and somehow to imagine him doing so (You know, going to the Y, lifting weights, running the track or treadmill) was just too funny! So, at the risk of sounding down right rude or getting in too deep, please remember my laughter was joined by his. He is a man who can laugh at himself and often does, not because he thinks he is so funny, but because he has a healthy sense of not taking himself too seriously. I like this quality. I wish I was more like that. The second part of the verse about "godliness being beneficial in every way" is something we didn't even get to talk about since we were laughing so hard. However, I want to go on record as saying this man, Mike, is a godly man. He will be embarrassed and say something like, "You know that's not true." I know he doesn't think of himself as godly, but more times than not, his words and actions prove to me that he is... and that "is beneficial in every way;" (I certainly benefit!) By the way, I just called out to Mike who is in the kitchen, "So, how many years have we been married?" He answered, "Too many." Then he came in to give me a reassuring pat to let me know he was joking. Then we both laughed and I told him I was going to erase this post! But of course I didn't because I suppose I've already given him a bad time... and I really did need his help with the number of years we've been married! How fast time flies when you're having fun! (Sorry about the mush content.)


TAB said…
Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to laugh with you guys in 18 days.
Olivia Arlene said…
This post had me laughin too! Maybe it's a family trait?
Chris said…
Happy Anniversary!

What a sweet couple--then and now!
Jill said…
Yah, love those "belly-laughs!!"
And oh my, you two were such sweet-young-things!! Like you said, how time flys!! Blessings to you both on your special day!!! And I'm so excited to hear Tab is coming home for a visit--yeah!!
Anonymous said…
What a blessing be able to laugh together and live together and love one another for so long! Thanks!

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