January 17, 2014

Sea Shell Sell and Rolling Rest

 Sean sells seashells!
Sean set up a seashell shop.
I took a photo of Liv preparing to take photo of Sean's shells
but no photo of Shop Keeper Sean!
Oh Barnacles!

"I see some sleepy children." 
Lily enjoyed being wheeled around by Eleanor!
This was on Pizza Making Day. We all made individual English Muffin Pizzas 
and most of us enjoyed every bite! 
Definitely a project to customize and repeat!

I certainly didn't take many photos that day!
Chloe is using her little pink digital camera to take a picture of sis!


LivG said...

:) I love you mom! Thanks for letting us hang out! It was a nice day.

Laurie said...

Thank you babe. It was nice. :) Pizza making was rather messy, but doable and yummy fun! Love ya!

TAB said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!
Wish we could have been there too.
English Muffin pizzas! Yum!