November 4, 2013

Ardent Autumn


Long Shadows

Chillness in Sky

Soft Contrasts

Brave Bare Tree

 Hugging Trees

Flames in a Fall Field 

"Mint condish" Mint-colored older model car…
which reminds me of another song:


Liv G said...

Love love love!!! Love that Gustafer song too. One of my faves :)

Kids want to come again soon and go over the walking bridge again and they really want to see the mill. Is it still open to visitors?

Laurie said...

Yes, the mill is open, but only as a museum until during Millfest in May when there are guided tours of the millworks available for ages 13 up. Cool old stuff in the museum… We should go. Yes! to the bridge!

TAB said...

I love everything about this!! Such beauty!