June 14, 2013

Grand Snaps June 2013

I asked the grandkids to take some outdoor and indoor photos. They didn't complain- except for awhile when they thought the bright sunshine was too bright for their photos. For the most part we kept the camera setting on "Auto Mode". I used iPhoto to enhance color where needed and did cropping and  converted the photos of Liv and me to black and white. They used my Nikon and Canon cameras. (I took the photos of the photographers!) Here's a sample of what they snapped:

Sean's Shadow
Sean was taking a photograph… So was Eleanor!

Roses, Catmint and Spirea in bloom!

I spy Sean! I spy Lily!
Ellie's Photo taken by Sean?

Gorgeous and Fragrant climbing rose! A gift from Mom!
Liv Love!
The kids were excited about the butterfly (or moth?)!
I spy Chloe!

Fish Dish
 Oil painting by Grandad Dale
Messy Pantry! This was definitely cropped!
Say "Cheese"!

I think Chloe took this!


Anonymous said...

ah, throught the eyes of a child!! thanks for sharing!! Jill

TAB said...

I love these! It's fun to see their perspective.