June 25, 2013

Birthday Buzz- Sean turns 8!

Our first of eight grandchildren turns 8!
Happy Birthday Sean!

The Mama, our sweet Olivia!

The Papa, Chris holding li' Lily!

Grandad and Eleanor

Cousin Nathan gave Sean a clown wig!
Sean shared the silliness with his sisters!
No wig for Lily though!

Chloe looks on


Olivia G said...

You got some good shots mom! Thank you for everything ♥

TAB said...

Oh that picture of you and Sean makes my heart swell! So much love in that pic.
I love the one of Liv too! How sweet!

Laurie said...

Loved it Liv! Love you too! Thank YOU for your sweet hospitality!

Laurie said...

Thanks Tab! Me too! Love ya!