April 18, 2013

Florida Visit April 2013

Tab's Photos here.

Reunited and KU shirts!

So many photo-worthy sights, so few photos!

The chief of all photo-worthy sights-

The kids excitedly gave their Mama early Mother's Day gifts 
they had wrapped at Sunday School.
This is also the only family photo taken. (So much for posing!)

Mike and guitar


Making Wheelchair Adjustments

Wheelers Wheelin'



Naomi and the Missing Tooth
(Marcail pulled Naomi's tooth while we were there, then on the day we left 
Marcail pulled the one beside it!
Toby the Toddler

Children's Night 2013

Children's Night 2013

Scripture Songs Accompanied by Grandad:
 1 Peter 2:2,3 and John 5:24

 Tab and Toby

Tab and camera


TAB said...

The forth picture from the top=gross!!!! My face is so comically ugly in that one. HaHa!!
It was so wonderful to have you all here. Only wish the time had been longer.

Jill said...

"is not, Tab! You're Just "comically" gorgeous!!" So happy you all could spend time together in the Wright's neck of the woods!!