March 7, 2013

"Don't Be A Weenie…"

and other photos taken by the grandcuties...

Our Pin-Up Board

"Make a funny face, Grandad!" 

A pleasant face!

"Make a funny face, Great Grandad Dale!"

Relaxed Great Grandad Dale!

We were not asked to make funny faces, but did that stop Lily?! :)

Lily is learning to catch the ball!

Lovely Lily!

Eleanor's self photo
Chloe and Sean
When it comes to the grandcuties, my walker is the bomb.
They love giving each other rides!

Grammy's turn!


Olivia said...

Oh my sillies! ♥ That last picture Chloe and Lily could be twins! ;)

Laurie said...

Those "twin" sisters are sweeties! The kids were so fun and truly a joy to hang with! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner and hubby date. Love ya!

TAB said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Love you all.