September 24, 2012

Birthday Buzz: Lili turned 2!

Lily turned 2!

 A candle stuck into a cake then lit with a match! 
Strange idea, but perfectly normal at a birthday party! 
She was momentarily mesmerized.

She got a lot of nice presents. 
She shared with her sister and brother.
She enjoyed the gift bags the most.
She filled them up with toys, tissue paper and stuffed bears and walked around. A favorite bag had the word "Celebration" printed on both sides. I sang her the song "Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!"  
All I could remember of the song was, "Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music!" 
 The video helped explain why.
Lily sang her version which was CUTE! 

Mama and Daddy served yummy cake and ice cream!
Lilyana's Mama!

More guests:
Great-grandma Marylin

Great-grandad Dale (holding Eleanor)

He loves his Great-grandchildren!

Many bears were there.
Chloe took some bear photos.

I think this is the bear who helped compare Chloe's growth from infancy to a year old.


Baby Bear

It was a fun party and Lili Birthday Girl loved her guests, her gifts and the bags they came in! 
(Her guests didn't come in bags!)

Happy Birthday Lily!


tsbjf said...

Cute post! I feel like I was there!

Olivia said...

You got some good ones mom! I love seeing the different perspectives. I didn't get many "action" shots.

Thank you for bringing coffee and helping us celebrate ♥

TAB said...

Cute bday girl! Love these pics!