August 6, 2012

Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Goodbyes

My brother, John came to say goodbye…

and to bring good cheer!

While waiting to board the plane, Tab fed Toby…

who is reported to have been an excellent traveler!

Dad and Linda came too.
Dad is learning about a digital camera!

Mike and Nay Nay with sun in their eyes!

"Let's see how much my back pack weighs!"

"Here's how much I weigh!"

"I'm this much!"

Six weeks sped by.
The time together was a blessing, indeed!
My heart aches at the distance between us.
I pray for God's peace, provision and joy!


Olivia said...

It went way too fast! :(

TAB said...

Love these last pics.

TAB said...

Love these last pics.

tsbjf said...

Tabitha definitly earned flying cred with four kids! Wowza.