August 29, 2012

Necessities Past, Present and Future

All those years of living in Hutch and I'd never shopped at Necessities! On the south end of Main Street there are many little antique and curiosity shops in original old buildings! Mike and I decided to have a look. "What a fun photo op..", I thought! It seemed more like a collector's backyard than a place to shop for necessities, but now we know where to look for what we need!

"Past, present and future" sums up when, 
but not why.

Enter the packed-full side yard
past the yellow chair through the parted fence...

Galvanized Tubs! 
Many uses! Many sizes!

Pretty Pink Maytag and a sink cabinet!

What are those spiky metal things?

Necessity, no doubt!

There was a time I wanted a VW van 
about this one's model and year. I still do… 
but I don't need this particular one!

"Super Thinner" 
A desire, but not a necessity. 
Seriously not a necessity.

I might need the bench, 
but the tree has the bench.

For a few minutes, I considered needing this donkey
for our garden.

There is more inside the store.


TAB said...

spray-painted those metal spiky thingies could be sunbursts or flowers. Wall art.

Olivia said...

Cool idea Tab!

Now I want to go there!