June 5, 2012

Support Group

I’ve thought about joining an MS support group before, but always shied away from going. For years, I have hoped that MS could remain a peripheral problem that wouldn’t interfere or cause many changes. But, for me, multiple sclerosis has interfered. So this morning while I was only mostly awake, I looked up support group meetings in the area. Guess what? There was a meeting in a nearby town at 10 AM! I found out about it at 7:30 AM! It was tempting (burning temptation) to just forget about it, but I couldn’t. It was too right. Too convenient. Too God-directed, it seemed. So I called the meeting contact person to make sure they were meeting, then kicked it into gear to make it on time.
It was all pretty scary weird and at the same time very natural and comfortable. Seven of us sat around a table and shared our stories, concerns and opinions. We ate cinnamon rolls, sipped coffee or tea and talked about diagnosis, therapies, possible causes, chemicals, immunizations and the government.
We took turns talking and sharing. We solved nothing. We planned nothing (except the topic of the next meeting and who would bring the snack). I guess we were supporting each other, I mean, I had never met those folks before, but deliberately being in the same place with others who have the same strange disease as I do, was helpful and supportive in a way I hadn’t quite expected. 
I don’t know what will happen next month. I hope to go again though and until then, those fine folks who share in the wacky world of MS, will be on my mind and in my prayers! Thanks be to God.


Olivia said...

I am so happy for you mom! I know what a huge step out of your comfort zone that would have to be for you! I hope it continues to be a help to you and the others.

Zoanna said...

It does my heart good to hear you've joined a support group. I am sure it will be a big blessing to you and vice versa. Some folks who truly understand what you're going through...there's nothing quite like that sense of not having to explain everything that MS feels like. Praying you'll find a really good friend in the midst of the bigger group.

TAB said...

I'm so proud of you, Mom. I pray this will be a huge help to you and the others in the group.

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

You go Girl!!! I'm proud of you!

tsbjf said...

There is definitely an automatic bond with those who share similar circumstances; I think support groups are great. Glad you weren't able to ignore God's nudge!